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How To Calm Dogs Down
How To Calm Dogs Down

How To Calm Dogs Down

Did you know that dogs too feel anxious? Anxiety can trap anyone in a whirlwind of negative emotions. Though it is a normal condition, as a pet parent, you must not ignore it. Shutting your eyes to your furry friend's anxious behavior can lead to an anxiety disorder.

Hence, it is essential to understand how to identify anxiety in dogs. So, continue reading this article. It expounds on the signs of anxiety and how to calm dogs when anxious. This can also be useful when your dog has zoomies for too long

Signs of anxiety in dogs

Unlike us, dogs cannot talk about their feelings with someone they trust or throw things in anger. However, there are certain behavioral patterns that can help you figure out if your dog has anxiety. And these signs include:

  • Whining or barking to get your attention or soothe themselves
  • Intense and prolonged yawn
  • Excessive drooling or licking out of nervousness
  • Urinating or defecating anywhere outside the litter box
  • Panting without any physical exertion
  • Exhibiting hiding or escaping behavior by digging or hiding behind a tree or car
  • Pacing or shaking due to nervousness

How to calm dogs

Once you identify that your dog is struggling with anxiety, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to alleviate it. Here are a few tips on how to calm a dog down:

  • Show affection

    What do we, as humans, crave when we are anxious? A hug from someone who you love the most, right? That's what dogs also need. If you see your dog in an anxious state, just pick it up, hold it close, or pet it for as long as you can.

  • Train your dog

    Luckily, dogs are teachable. If your dog has separation anxiety, you can teach it to stay alone for sometime without imagining the worst. Therefore, you must choose bonding exercises that can help your dog release its pent up energy as well as prevent or ease anxiety.

  • Visit a vet

    If signs of anxiety persist, you must take your fur baby to a vet. The doctor might rule out health issues that have similar symptoms before prescribing an anxiety medication. The vet might also help you understand the cause of anxious behavior in your dog.

  • Play calming music

    Music therapy is a proven stress reliever for dogs as well. In case your dog's anxiety is triggered by dreadful noises from the streets, or if your dog is scared of thunder,calming music can take the edge off the fear. So, whether you are in a car, home, or a hotel room, if your dog seems stressed, play some soothing music.

  • Massage sessions

    If someone said, "raise your hand in case you like massages", we might end up raising both our hands. That's how much we love massages. But did you know? Dogs too enjoy a nice massage session. It can ease muscle tension caused due to anxiety. So, next time your dog feels anxious, start at the neck and massage your way down towards the lower back. Use one hand to hold the dog and the other to massage it's back.

  • Calming clothes

    Wrap your pawsome pal in cozy coats and t-shirts. Such outfits apply pressure on your pet's torso, which feels like being swaddled. Hence, it is recommended that you wrap your pooch in comforting clothes in case of fireworks and thunderstorms. Though it may not heal anxiety, it can feel comforting.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do you calm down a hyper dog?

    If you have a hyper dog, you can try to distract it with toys and calming music. Dogs could sometimes feel hyper due to all the pent up energy in their body. Hence, you could also play indoor games with your dog to blow off steam.

  • How do I train my dog to be calm in public?

    To ensure that your dog stays calm in public places, make your dog socialize with new people and pets from an early age. If you wait for the dog to grow into an adult before it meets new people, your pet might not know to be friendly towards anyone but you. Moreover, if your dog gets anxious in public places, you must first understand the triggers and then choose the right training method to heal its anxiety.

  • How to calm your dog?

    Calming dogs can be tricky, especially because they cannot convey what is triggering them. However, there are certain things you can do to calm your dog. And they are:

    • Play calming music
    • Massage their shoulder and back
    • Reinforce calm behavior
    • Aromatherapy
  • How can I quickly calm my dog down?

    To instantly calm your dog down, you might have to understand what is triggering its anxiety. While calming music, massage, and exercise can alleviate your furry friend’s stress, you should consult a vet if your dog exhibits anxious behavior frequently.

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