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My Dog Is Missing. What Do I Do?
My Dog Is Missing. What Do I Do?

My Dog Is Missing. What Do I Do?

The warmer weather of spring makes it the perfect time to get back outside with your buddy! But more time outside to run free and play can mean more pets going missing. Here are a few tips to quickly find your lost friend and keep your spring — and theirs — stress-free.

Hop to It

The most important part of finding your pup is to not waste days hoping he’ll come back. The sooner you begin looking for him, the better the odds are of finding your lost pooch.

This means searching the neighborhood where your pal went missing, calling his name while checking places he might have gotten stuck, and alerting people in the neighborhood that your pup is missing.


File a Report

When it comes to locating a lost pet, remember that you don’t have to go it alone; you can always ask for help. Call in a "lost pet" report to your local animal shelter or animal control authority right away. Some larger cities may have quite a few shelters, so be sure to contact all of them in your area. Overall, make sure there is no shortage of assistance in finding your best friend!


Put It on Paper and Online

A simple and effective way to get the word out about your missing friend is to make "Lost Pet" posters and fliers using your pet’s photo. But don’t only put them where your buddy went missing; let people know about your lost pup with fliers in post offices, libraries, pet supply stores and veterinary clinics.

While these are great ways to find your lost companion, also place ads in local newspapers to let even more people know how to help find him. And while you’re there, look for “found” ads that may report your pet’s discovery.

You can also use social media to alert friends in your area to keep an eye out for your lost dog — and to recruit a search team.


Make Sure Your Dog Has ID

We cannot overemphasize the importance of using tags and microchips. If someone finds your pup, that’s the simplest and quickest way they can identify his home and family.

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