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Tips For Traveling With Your Dog
Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

More and more travel destinations are welcoming dogs. But, before you head out with your best friend, make sure you plan ahead for a safe and stress-free trip for you both. Below are a few tips to help you plan your next trip together.


If your dog gets lost in an unfamiliar place, it can be disastrous. Be sure your dog is chipped and tags are secured to his collar with your current information. Keep him on a leash at all times and consider appropriate travel carriers for your pup.

Pack His Papers

Ask your vet for a health certificate that provides proof of updated shots and medical care. Some lodging destinations and all boarding locations require it. Vets can also prescribe mild sedatives if your dog gets motion sickness or anxious when traveling.


Spend time playing and walking your dog before you leave. Dogs who are tired can be more relaxed when traveling and more likely to sleep.

Pack His Favorites

If possible, bring your dog's bedding, bowl, food, favorite toys and treats. These simple things can provide a comforting environment once he gets to a new location.


During long car rides, it’s important to make frequent stops. These stops are more than bathroom breaks; they provide quality play time together, time to eat, drink and experience a new place.

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