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DIY Bow Tie Collar for Your Dog
DIY Bow Tie Collar for Your Dog

DIY Bow Tie Collar for Your Dog

Do you remember the last time you scrolled through your phone only to land up on a cute dog image?

Seeing an adorable fur baby dressed up with funky accessories like sunglasses, jacket, or bowtie can light up your mood within seconds. Bowties especially add a whole new charm; this accessory adds extra innocence and goofiness to a dog’s demeanour.

Dog bowties are tiny collars with bow that you can tie around your pooch’s neck. Being a quirky accessory, it adds a fun element to your pet’s outfit, giving them a playful and adorable appeal. Although you can easily find various ready-to-wear bows for dogs, you can also choose to stitch a dog bow-tie collar for your little furry friend. A vibrant bowtie can act like a statement accessory for your dog’s next fancy-dress party, talent show, or a family event. You can also look for a cute dog hairstyle to go with this accessory!

How to select a bow tie for dogs? 

Dog bowtie collars have the ability to make your dog stand out from the crowd. Hence, it is essential to buy the best bow for your pawfect pal. It is especially important to choose the right colour, fabric, shape, and size of your dog’s bowtie. You can also have the bowtie match a colorful summer dog outfit. Here are some essential points to consider before selecting the perfect bowtie for your canine companion.


Choose a fabric that does not irritate your dog even if worn for a longer period of time. Cotton and natural fabric are preferred over synthetic fabric or metal that may cause agitation when worn for prolonged hours.


Buy a bowtie that is not too small or too big. If you are making a DIY dog bowtie, do not forget to measure your dog’s neck before you cut the fabric.


Use a measuring tape to measure your dog’s neck before buying or sewing a bow tie collar. Avoid getting a bow tie that is too small or too big.

Here’s how you can make a bow for dogs at home

Before we get to instructions for making a bow for dogs, let us look at the list of things you will need for making a DIY dog bowtie collar. 

  • Velcro
  • Fabric
  • Ribbons, glitter, and other decorative materials
  • Fabric glue 


  • Cut the fabric piece into two rectangles, one smaller than the other.
  • Cut two small pieces of Velcro for securing the bowtie.
  • Assemble the pieces to get an idea of the final look before securing them. 


Step 1: Fold the bigger rectangular piece of fabric in half. 
Step 2: Fold one end of the fabric towards its centre. 
Step 3: Repeat the above step for the other end of the fabric to make a smaller rectangle. 
Step 4: Take the other fabric piece and roll it in the centre to get a bow-like shape. 
Step 5: Tie a knot or stitch the centre of the bow to secure it. 
Step 6: Now take a ribbon or lace and cut it as per your dog’s measurement. 
Step 7: Secure the bow in the centre of the ribbon/lace by either stitching or sticking it. 
Step 8: Decorate the bowtie using glitter, beads, and other decorative materials. 

Now that you know how to make the perfect bow tie for dogs, we hope you have fun making this cute accessory for your dog. Create multiple bowties to complement different outfits or to simply give your pooch a fresh and quirky look every day.  

What You Will Need


  • 2 pieces of Velcro
  • A strip of fabric 2x5 inches for the middle
  • A strip of fabric 4x9 inches for the bow
  • Ribbon cut to fit comfortably around your pooch’s neck


Step 1


Fold the 4x9 piece in half, width-wise.


Step 2


Fold 1/3 of the material back on itself.


Step 3


Fold over the other side.


Step 4


Using the 2x5 piece of fabric, fold 1/3 of it over itself width-wise. Then fold the other side over the top of that.


Step 5


Pinch the bow in the middle and tie the strip in a knot.


Step 6


Cut off the excess.


Step 7


Place one Velcro square on the front-middle of your ribbon, and a connecting square on the underside of your bow tie. Then place another set of corresponding Velcro squares on your ribbon’s front right side and under its left side.


Step 8


Attach the bow tie to your party pooch and mingle in style.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I make a no-sew dog tie?

    You can stick the fabric or simply tie the bow on a ribbon to make a no-sew dog bowtie. 

  • How do you make a simple bow out of string?

    Make a neat string bow and secure it on a longer string to fit around your pet’s neck. You can add volume to such bow tie collars by using more than one string.

  • How do you make a small bow step by step?

    Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to make a small bow:

    1. Step 1:

      Make bunny ear loops using a ribbon.

    2. Step 2:

      Overlap the loops.

    3. Step 3:

      Bring one end through the centre hole to tie a neat bow knot.

  • How do you tie a dog's bow?

    You can tie the dog's bow on its neck and secure it at the centre below its mouth or sideways to enhance your dog’s outfit. 

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