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Dog Name Ideas For Your Pooch
Dog Name Ideas For Your Pooch

Dog Name Ideas For Your Pooch

If you have recently welcomed a furry family member to your home, naming them is going to be an important task.

If you have recently welcomed a furry family member to your home, naming them is going to be an important task. Raising a dog is as good as raising a child and the first thing new pet parents usually look forward to is naming their pooch. It is one of the most essential steps after checking everything off your puppy needs list. One can choose from numerous male and female dog names with meaning.

There are so many common dog names and finding something unique is always the agenda. Some pet parents like to name their pup general female and male names, some like to play around and name them something goofy, like food dishes! Auspicious names like Julie and Felix also make for unique female and male dog names with meaning! 

Naming a dog brings out the creative side of a pet parent. If you can’t decide on a name, or just need some inspiration, this list will help you kick-start your name hunt.

Female dog names with meaning

  • Audrey: The ideal name for a beautiful dog.
  • Babe: A name used for a beloved woman.
  • Baby: As the name suggests, a small and precious loved one.
  • Beauty: A classic name for a pooch that stands out.
  • Belle: The Italian word for ‘beautiful’.
  • Candy: The perfect name for a sweet and mischievous dog.
  • Chelsea: Perfect for a fancy dog. 
  • Daisy: For a small, cute dog that is like this little flower.
  • Dolly: A cheerful name for a dog that is always joyous.
  • Dot: For a dog that is tiny yet mischievous.
  • Emma: A classic dog name for female dogs.
  • Gigi: A French dog name for a fancy dog with stylish pet parents.
  • Judy: An easy name for little female dogs.
  • Lola: A name for a tall female dog. 
  • Lara: A charming name for a brave female dog.
  • Mimi: For a dog that’s comparatively mature.
  • Poppy: This is a great name for a naughty dog.

A furry grey dog walking on grass

Male dog names with meaning

  • Ale: For the little naughty pup.
  • Beau: The ideal name for a handsome little pooch.
  • Benji: A classic name for a smart dog.
  • Chester: Perfect for a clever pup.
  • Dean: For the cool, young pup.
  • Jackie: A catchy name for a mischievous pup.
  • Jimmy: This dog name suits any dog who is always a winner.
  • Joe: A classic name for a cute and shy pup.
  • Mario: An Italian name for a young dog.
  • Milo: Great for a dog that is always active and lively.
  • Sinbad: For the one who always wishes to explore.
  • Tiny: For dogs that are cute and small.
  • Woody: A simple name for an extraordinary pup.

Dog names according to personality

  • Diva: For a dog that always has its own demands and likings.
  • Riley: For a pup that is always excited.
  • Fluffy: A classic name for a pup as good as a teddy bear.
  • Sassy: For a wise and bold dog.
  • Buddy: Best for a pup who is always around their caregiver.
  • Blu: A perfect name if your dog has pretty, blue eyes.
  • Chewy: For the pup that chews everything!
  • Rusty: A classic name for a dog with charming brown and ochre fluff.
  • Hunter: For the one who is always up to something.

A small dog happily running

Unisex names for dogs

  • Coco: The ideal name for a dog with luscious brown fluff.
  • Shadow: A dog name that works well for dogs with a black coat.
  • Derby: A name for a pup that is athletic.
  • Frankie: A cute name for dogs that are always around.
  • Sage: A name for dogs that are calm and collected.
  • Sawyer: For dogs with a certain personality.
  • Charlie: A name for dogs that are always fun to be around.
  • Marley: The right name for confident & playful pups.

Dog names inspired by food items

  • Bean: A well-known name for a smart and cute floof.
  • Cinnamon: For dogs that have beautiful hair and a sassy personality.
  • Kimchi: For a dog that you can never get enough of!
  • Momo: The ideal name for a loving and affectionate fur baby.
  • Oreo: A classic pup name for friendly dogs.
  • Peach: For a dog that is beautiful and charming.
  • Tofu: A classic name for a white-haired pup.
  • Vanilla: The ideal name for a pretty dog.

A white furry dog sitting in the grass

Dog names inspired by celebrities

  • Bruno: A common dog name that is also inspired by a famous pop-singer, Bruno Mars.
  • Chris: A classic dog name for charming pups.
  • Hulk: The ideal name for a strong and intimidating doggo.
  • Kim: A cute name for a small and delicate pup.
  • Riri: A dog name inspired by the famous Barbadian singer, Rihanna.
  • Thor: For the mighty & strong dogs.
  • Mai: An adorable female dog name inspired by famous Thai actress and model, Mai Davika.
  • Jennie: A cute dog name inspired by Jennie Kim, lead vocalist of BLACK PINK.
  • Jimin: This one is for all pet parents that love BTS! Name your pup after your favorite band’s lead vocalist.
  • Jin: Makes for a great single syllable dog name inspired by BTS’s vocalist.
  • Rose: A fancy dog name for all those who love BLACKPINK’s main vocalist.
  • Lisa: It is a catchy dog name inspired by BLACKPINK’s main dancer, Lalisa.
  • Yang: Makes for a snappy dog name, influenced by Thailand’s famous Hip-Hop artist.

Dog names inspired by famous cartoon/anime characters

  • Gojo: If you are one of Jujutsu Kaisen fans, Gojo will be a perfect name for your puppy.
  • Shino: Makes a great name for a dog who has his own unique personality just like Shino from the famous Naruto series!
  • Luffy: An ideal name for your mischievous pup if you are a One-Piece fan.
  • Shin Chan: It is the ideal name for a dog who is always up to something, inspired by the famous mischievous cartoon character.
  • Dora: A perfect name for female dogs that are always curious and love exploring wherever they go!
  • Bond: Like Anya Forger, if you too are a fan of spy movies and shows, Bond will be a great name for your pooch.
  • Kurama: The famous nine-tailed fox character from the Naruto series is a classic name for dogs.
  • Nami: Inspired by the famous One-Piece character of the Straw Hat Fleet is the ideal name for a female dog who is not only beautiful, but also strong!

A small furry dog in a field of yellow flowers

Auspicious names for dogs

  • Money: A name that symbolizes wealth.
  • Richie: A name that also symbolizes wealth.
  • Diamond: It is a name that is perfect for a little dog that brings love and life to their caregiver’s family.
  • Gem: If you know your dog is ‘one in a million’, Gem is a perfect name for it.
  • Lucky: A common auspicious dog name that signifies good health and fortune.
  • Pearl: For a dog that is your most precious possession.
  • Crystal: This is a dog name that signifies protection and safety.
  • Angel: Best suits a pup that changed your life!

Dog names according to their fluff and color

  • Blondie: A beautiful little girl with golden hair.
  • Brownie: A dessert name suitable for a chocolate-colored little one.
  • Cookie: Best for dogs with a brown-colored coat.
  • Dotty:for the little polka-dotted pup.
  • Fay: For a beautiful female dog with beautiful blonde hair.
  • Foxy: The popular name of a reddish brown haired little boy.
  • Latte: For the ones with a white coat.
  • Mint: A fancy name for a sweet girl with white fluffy hair.
  • Toffee: Suitable for a mischievous little one with brown hair.

A dog jumping over the grass

Pedigree names for all breeds

  • Bonbon: A cute name for the precious little ones
  • Cari: A name that expresses love and affection.
  • Dim Sum: A popular dish suitable for little ones of Chinese descent, like a Shih Tzu!
  • Edith: For a graceful female dog
  • Fifi: A name that feels fun. Suitable for young poodles.
  • Frida: The name that signifies peace and harmony.
  • Paris: The famous capital city name that is suitable for a beautiful little girl.

Now that you have an idea on what to name your pooch, you can look at some basic dog obedience training tips!

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the rarest name for a male dog?

    Here are a few rare and unusual male dog names

    • Jeff
    • Bjorn
    • Nevis
    • Gojo
    • Inky
  • What is the perfect name for a puppy?

    Here are a few cute names for a puppy

    • Nova
    • Ace
    • Pakkun
    • Nutty
    • Kiwi
    • Len
    • Joe
    • Jesse
    • Harley
  • What is a rare name for female dogs?

    Here are a few rare and unusual names for female dogs

    • Scout
    • Harley
    • Zuri
    • Khloe
    • Cleo
    • Simba
    • Jammie
    • Bekke
  • What should I call my new puppy?

    Giving your dog an appropriate name can be a tad difficult. However, it is not impossible. You just need to know that your dog’s name must mean something to you or to your pooch. Today, dog parents have started naming their dogs based on their favorite shows, actors, sportspersons, and dishes. So, try to identify how you relate with your dog, and then give it a suitable name. Here are a few suggestions for both male and female dogs:

    Male dogs

    • Tim
    • Jake
    • Jade
    • Brook
    • Milo
    • Marco
    • Polo
    • Tobi

    Female dogs

    • Shero
    • Jada
    • Alex
    • Harley
    • Hailey
    • Belinda
    • Sakura
    • Ino

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