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Learn Where Dogs Like to Be Pet
Learn Where Dogs Like to Be Pet

Learn Where Dogs Like to Be Pet

Do you know why petting dogs is important? Touching is an important form of communication that can be used to convey love between the owner and their dog. Petting is a form of a good touch that will warm your dog's heart.

The more the owner and the dog share a positive sense of touch with each other, the stronger their bond becomes. Moreover, petting dogs also affects humans in a highly positive way. When you pet a dog, you will see a big drop in your stress levels and a surge in your dopamine and serotonin levels.

How to pet dogs?

If you are approaching a dog that doesn’t know you, you must know the right way of doing so. Whether it is a stray dog or your newly adopted pet, these methods will let them know you are approaching with the right intent and help them trust you better.

  1. Lower your body:

    To begin, approach the dog slowly by squatting at a level close to the dog. This way, your approach will not frighten the dog.

  2. Face the side:

    Secondly, sit facing the side of the dog rather than the front. Also, avoid looking directly into their eyes for long as that can make the dog feel threatened by you.

  3. Wait for a positive reaction:

    Read the dog's body language first. If your approach does not make the animal back away and they wag their tail, you can begin petting the dog. The correct way to begin petting a dog so that they feel safe is to touch them from the side, starting with gentle stroking or scratching. If this touch makes the dog feel relaxed and safe, they will gradually squeeze closer to you, which means they like your petting.

Where do dogs like to be pet?

Next, it is important to know what are the best spots where dogs like to be pet. Because even when they like your petting and caressing, there are some spots that are sensitive where the animal may not like being touched. A wrong touch on those spots may make the dog feel upset and can even make them aggressive.

If the dog does not back away from your approach and wags their tail, then start gently petting the area around their shoulders. Only after that, slowly begin petting other spots of their body. Some spots where the dogs really love being petted are:

  • The shoulders (gentle stroking or scratching)
  • Chest
  • The base of the neck
  • The base of the tail
  • Under the chin
  • The back of their neck

Where not to pet a dog

Some spots that you might want to avoid petting are:

  • Face
  • Muzzle
  • Paws/feet
  • Tail

These spots are very sensitive to dogs and petting the animal there may make them feel upset. Plus, if you accidentally hit those spots, you might startle the dog and make them defensive or aggressive (especially if the touch is violent or fast or when the dog is excited or alert). This can also negatively affect the dog’s feelings toward you in the long run.

It is also important to note that contact or petting should be avoided for a dog who is in a confined space (such as a cage) or is chained. Petting dogs during this time, especially in the wrong spot, can make them feel paranoid, and they can turn defensive and hostile.

Remember, good touch will keep your dog happy both physically and mentally. Their body relaxes when petted at the right points and in the right way. It will also result in the dog feeling good about you. Your bond with the dog will become stronger, and they will trust you more.

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FAQs on petting dogs

  • How do you tell if a dog likes being petted?

    If a dog like being petted, they will show either or all of these signs: their body will relax upon your touch, they will lean into you or squeeze closer to you, and they will nudge their heads toward your hands.

  • Why is petting a dog good?

    Petting a dog in the right way makes the dog feel good, relaxed, and safer. It increases their trust in you and strengthens your bond with them. It also makes you feel better by lowering your stress hormones and releasing the happiness hormones (serotonin and dopamine).

  • How much petting does a dog need?

    There is no specific answer to how often a dog likes to be petted. This is because the need for petting differs from dog to dog. Dog parents have to gauge their pet's reaction to love and attention and act accordingly. Your dog might not be up for a petting session 24x7. Hence, pet your dog for a few seconds and pause to see their response. If your furry pal leans towards you, that’s your sign to shower more love.

  • Should I pet my dog while sleeping?

    Petting a dog in their sleep is not a good idea unless they are shivering and need to be calmed down. Otherwise, if petted during sleep, they can get startled awake. And just like us, dogs do not like being woken up either. It can make them behave a little hostile or defensive. This means they may not realize that it is their loving owner who is petting them and may involuntarily bite or attack you.

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