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8 Benefits of Wet Dog Food
8 Benefits of Wet Dog Food

8 Benefits of Wet Dog Food

Pet parents wish the very best for their fur babies. Keeping your canine friend’s diet in check is as important as providing them with the best healthcare, shelter, and love. Your pooch’s dietary requirement may vary depending on its breed, age, and health condition.

Choosing the right type, brand, and quantity of food defines the overall growth and development of your furry friend. To provide the most nutritious meal to your pet, you must first understand the many dietary options available in dog food.

  • Dry dog food
  • Wet dog food
  • Semi-moist dog food
  • Home-cooked meal
  • Raw

While home-cooked meals and raw food are easily available, they might not always be the best choice for your pooch’s health. The cooked meal often robs most of the nutrition needed for the dog’s growth and development, whereas raw food might contain harmful bacteria and microbes that could lead to health problems.

Wet dog food and dry food options are packed with the right amount of nutrition to ensure better growth and development of your canine friend. While dry food is dehydrated kibbles that are offered as treats to puppies and dogs, wet food aims at boosting hydration and providing a full meal to your canine friend. Hence, many pet parents prefer mix-matching these food options to provide the most nutritious and delicious meals to their pooch.

Wet dog food benefits

Food is as essential for pets as it is for humans. Providing your pooch with the right dog food can offer countless benefits as it contains all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. So, read on to explore the benefits of wet dog food:

  • Better flavors:

    Wet dog food is believed to have better flavors and enhanced texture as it contains the right consistency. Wet dog food not only benefits your dog’s health, but it also offers lip-smacking flavors that your canine friend is sure to relish.

  • Variety:

    Canned pet food or wet dog food brands offer a variety of different textures and flavors. So, if your dog gets bored of the same old food, you can always consult your vet a go for a different flavor. Cesar has a range of tray and natural dog food

  • Serving size:

    Canned wet dog food is available in single-serve quantity; this means there is limited wastage. The quantity is sufficient to keep your canine companion full for a longer time. You can also choose canine cuisine dishes offered by CESAR®’s wet dog food. It is packed in convenient single-serving containers to provide the right amount of food to your dog.

  • More hydration:

    As wet dog food contains water, it helps improve your fur baby’s hydration level. If your pet does not drink enough water, you should try including more wet food in their daily diet. The higher moisture contents in wet dog food improves your pooch’s hydration.

  • Lesser calories:

    One of the many benefits of wet food for dogs includes its lesser calorie content. Although the recommended serving size of wet dog food can seem like a lot, it contains lesser calories when compared to other types of dog food. This means your fur baby gets to enjoy more food without you having to worry about health problems like obesity.

  • Longer shelf life:

    Canned food is sealed in smaller containers that must be opened for immediate consumption. Hence, their shelf life is a little longer. Wet pet food is processed to kill harmful bacteria and microbes and keep its freshness intact for a longer period. The average shelf life of unopened wet dog food is 12-18 months. Opened canned dog food, on the other hand, can stay fresh for anywhere between 4 hours to 7 days depending on the temperature it is stored in.

  • Reduced bloating:

    Dogs need extra moisture to be able to digest their food. Compared to dry food, wet dog food has high-moisture contents; hence, it is easier for your fur baby to digest. Improved digestion means lesser bloating and better absorption of nutrients. Hence, wet dog food aids in reducing bloating in puppies and dogs.

  • Satisfying:

    Wet dog food is more satisfying to pets as it is not only more filling but also flavorsome. Since the food is also easily digestible, dogs feel content on devouring wet dog food.

Benefits of mixing wet food and dry food

While there are many benefits of wet food for dogs, you can also choose to mix wet food with dry food to offer variety in your fur baby’s diet. If you are planning to add a mixture of dry and wet food to your pet’s daily meal, ensure that you start slow.

Avoid mixing the same ratio of both in the beginning. At first, try to keep the ratio of their preferred food type more and then slowly and gradually bring the quantity closer to equal as they get used to eating this wholesome meal. Consuming a mixture of wet and dry food is more beneficial compared to choosing either one.

  • Better taste:

    The right portion of dry and wet dog food mixture enhances the appeal of the meal. The food becomes more appetizing because of its diverse textures and flavors. Hence, mixing dry and wet dog food improves the meal's taste and increases the chances of your pooch enjoying their meal better.

  • Wholesome meal:

    Mixing wet and dry dog food results in a wholesome meal as it contains the benefits of two different types of food. In fact, you can enhance the nutritional value of your dog’s meal by mixing the right proportions of wet and dry food.

How to serve wet dog food as treats?

Want to serve wet dog food as treats to your pooch? Here are a few unique ways to serve delicious wet dog food as treats in interesting new manners to keep your fur baby entertained and healthy at the same time.

  • Dispensing toys:

    Controlling your pooch’s eating time is essential as it prevents them from choking on their food. Maze and puzzle dispensing toys are ideally bowls or flat plates with patterns. You can spread a generous amount of canned food on the dish and serve it to your fur baby to enjoy. Serving treats in this manner helps in regulating the eating pace of your canine buddy. If your pet is amongst the ones who rush to gobble away all the food as soon as you serve them, then using this method is strongly recommended.

  • Frozen cubes:

    Transfer the wet food into an ice tray and freeze it. You can then use these frozen wet dog food cubes to feed as a treat instead of dry treats.

    Now that you know about the various benefits of wet dog food, choose a flavor that your pooch enjoys the most. Chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, tuna, and Sasami are some of the many flavors you can choose from for your canine companion.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you heat wet dog food?

    Yes, you can put frozen wet dog food can into the microwave for a few seconds but avoid overheating the wet dog food. It is best to serve wet dog food at room temperature rather than serving it too hot or too cold.

  • Do dogs like cold wet food?

    If the outside temperature is freezing cold, then your pooch might prefer warmer wet food over cold one. Otherwise, they will enjoy room-temperature wet food just as much as warm wet food.

  • How long can wet dog food sit out?

    Opened wet dog food can stay fresh for up to 4 hours. While sealed containers can sit out for as long as 12 to 18 months.

  • Which is the tastiest wet dog food?

    This might depend on your pooch’s preference. However, most pets prefer wet food with higher meat content.

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