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We see it as our shared responsibility to help all our paws tread lightly on the natural world, so that we can leave a more sustainable planet for future generations. We believe this better world that we want tomorrow, starts with how we live our lives today.

We share our lives and mealtimes with our dogs, but we share our planet too. So we ensure our food production, packaging and ingredients are as sustainable as we can make them.

Human-grade meat

Our ingredients

We can trace all our carefully sourced, natural ingredients and all our beef, pork, vegetables and grains back to our trusted suppliers. Our human-grade meat and nutritious offal comes from offcuts from the human food chain, ensuring it is both high quality and more sustainable by helping to reduce food waste.

Human-grade meat
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Our packaging

All of our aluminium trays are fully recyclable, and we’re working really hard to make sure, that in the near future, our pouches will be too. So you don’t need to choose between good for your pet and good for the planet.

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Will you help us be kinder to the planet?

It’s easy to lower your environmental pawprint with these four simple actions:
Recycle: Our aluminium trays are fully recyclable if we follow 3 easy steps
1. Rinse your empty tray
2. Scrunch it into a ball – the bigger the ball, the easier it is to recycle
3. Place in your home recycle bin along with all the cardboard lids
Reduce: being mindful of what we buy and use can help us all reduce waste. Our single-serve trays may help with this.
Research: we hope you’ll choose sustainable businesses and products such as ours, helping us all move towards a healthier planet.

Dog paw and woman hand together
Human-grade chicken and carrot

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