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Create Bonding Moments with Cesar Wet Dog Food

Keeping your beloved pooch happy and healthy is a priority. Just peel off the lid of Cesar wet dog food and your fur balls will come running for our aromatic premium wet dog food that is made with real meat and fresh vegetables. Cesar wet dog food comes in a variety of flavors that will turn around any fussy eater. Aside from pleasing their palates, the high moisture content in wet dog food ensures that your doggos have enough water intake for their bodies to function properly. With our premium wet dog food, your fur babies will be happy, hydrated, and ready for smooches!

Why Wet Dog Food?

  • High Moisture Content

    Like humans, dogs need a proper amount of water to remain healthy. Wet dog food, with 80-90% moisture content, can help your four-legged friends stay hydrated and less prone to health issues caused by insufficient water intake. Wet food is also good for dogs with urinary tract problems, but make sure to consult your veterinarian before introducing wet food into their diet.
  • High Protein

    Protein is one of the macronutrients, meaning dogs need a high amount of it for their bodily function. High protein diet can also help overweight dogs shed some pounds. At Cesar®, we formulate our premium wet dog food recipes without fillers, and only use real meat to provide the best protein for your fur companions.
  • Lower Carb

    Although dogs are omnivorous and can consume complex carbs like carrots or broccoli, their natural wild dog’s diet consisted of very low carbs. Wet food is typically lower in carbs and higher in protein, hence it fits well with canine dietary needs.
  • Easy to Eat

    With tender texture and luscious gravy, wet dog food is easier to chew than dry dog food, making it a good fit for all dogs, especially dogs with dental or oral problems.

There are more benefits of wet dog food that your pooch can make the most out of!

How to Serve Cesar® Wet Dog Food

You dogs can enjoy Cesar®’s premium recipes in several ways.

  • By itself

    Wet dog food is already heavenly by itself – it is meaty and juicy, and hence can turn every mealtime into a feast for all the good boys and good girls out there! Do refer to the food labels for the proper amount to feed your favorite pup in order to make they are getting enough food.
  • Meal topper for large dogs

    Large dogs need more amount of food than smaller ones, so often they are mainly fed with dry food to be economical. However, for special occasions (or if you simply want to pamper your pooch), you can put wet food on top of dry food to enhance the flavors and make their day!
  • Mix with kibble

    Apart from the pleasantness of different flavors and textures, mixing wet and dry food in the same bowl also offers health benefits. Chewing dry food can help reduce tartar build up, while eating wet food can promote water intake. It’s the best of both worlds!
  • Is it OK to feed wet food every day?

    Yes, it is OK to give your little one wet dog food daily. Just make sure to reduce the amount of dry food to prevent overfeeding. Refer to the feeding guide on the food labels or consult your veterinarian for the exact amount and ratio.

  • How many times a day should I feed my dog wet food?

    The frequency differs based on your dog’s breed, size, lifestyle & dietary preference. However, in general, veterinarians recommend feeding a dog twice a day, and one of the most common feeding patterns is to divide the meals into one wet meal and one dry meal.

  • Is it OK to mix wet and dry dog food?

    Of course! It is common to mix wet and dry food to make the most of both formats. Plus, your pup will get excited by the variety of flavors and textures. If you have a picky eater, this practice will help increase their appetite.

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