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Cesar Tray Dog Food

Classic recipes made with carefully sourced ingredients including tender meat, healthy vegetables, all captured in a succulent chunk of a rich, tasty gravy that your dog will simply begging for more.



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Cesar® Tray Dog Food

Let’s make any moment special with Cesar® Classic Tray, the gourmet recipes for all adult dogs to enjoy. Cesar® dog food trays are made with high quality ingredients – real meat and healthy vegetables – to ensure maximum palatability even for picky eaters. Our complete and balanced Cesar® tray is a healthy option for your canine companions as it is formulated to meet the dog nutritional levels set up by the American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). What’s more, Cesar® dog food trays comes in no-fuss, handy packaging and can be served straight off the tray by just peeling away the freshness seal which makes it the perfect meal to take when traveling with dogs.

  • How to feed Cesar® tray dog food?

    Cesar® tray wet dog food can be enjoyed on its own, mixed in with kibbles, or topped off dry food to enhance the taste and texture. You can even rotate these 3 methods to always keep your little one excited for mealtime.

  • How many Cesar® dog trays can a dog have?

    The number of trays per day varies depending on dog’s size and food flavor. For example, 1-4 Cesar® dog food trays in beef and liver are recommended for dogs weighing 1-5 kilograms. Make sure to refer to the labels for the feeding guides.

  • How many flavors are available in Cesar® tray dog food?

    There is a wide array of flavors for your dogs to savor! Check them out here:

  • Is Cesar® tray dog food healthy?

    A big YES. Cesar® tray wet dog food is made with real meat and vegetables with added vitamins and minerals. Our gourmet dog food is also a complete and balanced meal, meeting the dog nutritional levels established by the American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

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