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Signs Your Dog is Healthy
Signs Your Dog is Healthy

Signs Your Dog is Healthy

If you are a first-time pet parent, worrying about every little thing that your dog does is normal. We tend to worry about our four-legged friends because they cannot communicate with us verbally. Fortunately, there are many healthy dog signs that can put your worrying mind at ease.

For instance, healthy dogs tend to be cheerful and enthusiastic. So, if you see your pooch high on energy and interacting well with its surroundings, that is what a healthy dog looks like!

However, if you notice any change in your dog’s habits, it can be a sign of illness. Hence, as a dog parent, you must look for abnormalities regularly. For instance, in case your dog is always tired, not interested in playing with their favorite toy, or not excited about treats, you should get it checked by a veterinarian.

Apart from taking your dog for routine check-ups, you can look out for these healthy dog signs:

Skin and coat

Healthy dog skin is soft and smooth as well as free of scabs, growths, red patches, or flakes. Your pet’s skin color can range from light pink to black or brown, depending on its breed. Spotted skin is normal if your dog has a spotted coat. Pet parents need to pay close attention to lice, fleas, and ticks. Brush your dog’s fur backward to see any small insect-like creatures scurrying away. Ticks can hold on to your dog’s skin, which you will be able to notice once you comb its fur. A healthy coat is soft, shiny as well as free of dandruff, oiliness, and bald spots. Some basic dog grooming at home should help maintain your pooch’s coat.


Healthy dog eyes are bright and shiny. Watery eyes and some clear mucus are normal. Your dog’s eyelids have a pink lining. This lining should not be swollen or inflamed. If you notice any yellow discharge, consult your doctor.


Healthy dog ears exhibit pale pink or light pink skin. A small amount of yellow or brown wax is normal and it is also a healthy sign. However, if you notice a large amount of wax, you need to get it checked. If you notice any smell, swelling, or redness, you should consult a veterinarian.

Mouth and teeth

Giving your dog’s teeth and mouth special attention is imperative. Healthy dog gums are firm and pink or black. If you notice some spotting on the gums identical to the dog’s skin, that is normal. Check your floof’s mouth regularly and brush away any white, yellow, or brown matter. This ‘matter’ is tartar or plaque and should be cleaned regularly. Ensure that there is no food stuck in between your dog’s teeth because it can cause fermentation. Fermentation results in bad breath, which is a sign of poor oral health.

Paw health

The paws of your four-legged friend should be symmetrical and clean. Trimming nails regularly is important so that walking is not difficult. Check for torn paws since they can get infected quickly and cause a lot of discomfort to your pooch. Dirt and muck tend to get caught up in between your dog’s toes. Hence, cleaning your dog’s paws every day after walks with a damp cloth is non-negotiable.


Dog noses can be of different colors depending on their breed. They can be pink or black in color. Self-colored (skin color) noses are also normal. Floof noses are usually cool and moist. Pay close attention to your dog’s nasal discharge. It should be clear and free of any smell. If you notice smelly, bubbly, or thick discharge, get your pooch checked. If a dog’s nose is cool and wet, it does not necessarily mean that it is not sick. Similarly, if a dog’s nose is dry, it does not mean that it is sick.

Anal glands

This point can be easily forgotten, but it is necessary to check your dog’s anal glands. The anus is one of the most important parts of your dog’s body and should be checked regularly. If you notice that your dog is scooting its rear, straining while pooping, or licking/itching the anal area, you must get it checked right away. Any pus or blood discharge also calls for immediate attention.

Mammary/testicle glands

Check the size of your dog’s testicles, they should be of the same size. If one is larger than the other, it could be a cause for concern. Rub your hands around both breasts. If you notice any new lumps, contact your vet.

The above-mentioned healthy dog signs should be enough to help you perform routine checks. At CESAR®,  we believe that as pet parents, it is your responsibility to monitor your pooch’s external health. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, reach out to your vet and get your dog checked.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know if my dog is unhealthy?

    Since dogs cannot communicate any discomfort or pain verbally, it is important to pay attention to any behavioral or physical changes. For instance, if you notice changes like loss in your dog’s appetite or energy, excessive urination, bad breath, or signs of aggression, you should take it to the doctor. You must also regularly examine your dog for unusual marks, discharge, and growth.

  • How do you raise a happy healthy dog?

    Adopting a dog can be one of the most beautiful experiences, however, it also brings in additional responsibilities. Every dog parent wants its puppy to grow into a happy and healthy dog. But first-time dog guardians are often clueless about how to take care of a dog. Following these basic tips and tricks will help you raise a puppy into a happy and healthy dog:

    • Provide a complete and balanced diet
    • Help your dog socialize with new people and pets
    • Indulge in playtime with your pooch regularly
    • Start training your dog at the right age
    • Adopt positive training methodsm
    • Provide mental stimulation with fun games like food puzzles and hide and seek
  • What is the healthiest dog breed?

    Here are the top 5 healthiest dog breeds:

    • Foxhound
    • Australian cattle
    • Border collie
    • Chihuahua
    • Labradoodle

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