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Fun & Interesting Small Breed Dogs Facts
Fun & Interesting Small Breed Dogs Facts

Fun & Interesting Small Breed Dogs Facts

Small dog breeds are fun, vivacious pets. Don’t be fooled by their size because they have a LOT to offer!


Although they are the same species as larger dogs, they are different in many ways (apart from the obvious size difference). There are certain characteristics that all small dog breeds have in common such as:

  • They have a lot of energy
  • Small dogs tend to be more nervous or anxious
  • They need to be socialized from a young age on a regular basis
  • A lot of care needs to be given to their behavior

Small dogs have big personalities. This means there will never be a dull moment when you have them around. Their unique energy is a joy to witness and as the pet parent of a small breed dog, your life will always be fulfilling.

20 small dog breeds facts

Let us look at some interesting dog facts about these adorable little fur babies and learn more about them:

  1. The origin of everyone’s favorite Shih Tzu is ancient. They can be traced back to about 1000 years or so.

  2. Can you guess which popular small dog descended from huge dogs that were used to pull sleds? We’ll give you a clue: they’re white, fluffy, and talkative. It’s the Pomeranian!

  3. The “Pug” name origin is a mystery. Some say they got their name from Marmoset monkeys, which were also known as Pug monkeys. The meaning of the word has evolved over time in the English language but were closely related to being small and cute. The word “pug” comes from the Ancient Greek word “pugil”. It means a hardened forehead.
    A pug is looking at the camera

  4. You may think that long, white fur would be a task to maintain, but not for a Japanese Spitz. Their fur can actually fight off debris and doesn’t require a lot of grooming. Looks can be deceiving.

  5. The smallest dog breed in the world could easily win the competition for the largest personality dog. Of course, it’s the chihuahua.

  6. We have found a fact that makes Maltese dogs cuter than they already are. If exposed to too much sun, their noses can turn pink.

  7. Have you ever wondered about your Poodle’s intuitive and intelligent nature? That’s because they excel at reading human body language.

  8. The interesting reason behind the Beagle’s white tipped tail, is so they would be visible in the hunting grounds. This made it easier for humans to follow their lead.
    A beagle is in the grass

  9. The Jack Russell Terrier can also be called “Jumping Jack”. Why? This pooch’s small stature does not stop them from jumping up to 5 feet high.

  10. The French Bulldog’s cute roly-poly shape unfortunately does not help them swim. You can always give them floaties in the pool!

  11. There is no difference between “Bichons” and “Bichon Frise”. The “Frise” part was added when they started to become show dogs in the 1930s.

  12. Lhasa Apsos are regarded honorably in Buddhism. According to the religion, the soul of priests is born as Lhasa Apsos before they are reborn as humans.

  13. Humans and Yorkshire Terriers have one peculiar thing in common. Both these species' teeth can grow back once they fall out.
    A Yorkshire Terrier is on the grass

  14. There’s a reason your Pekingese pooch is fiercely protective and it’s a regal one. It is said that this breed hid in the sleeves of their Chinese royal pet parents, ready to jump at their defense if they perceived a threat.

  15. You may have heard the phrase, ‘Manners maketh man’, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to your Boston Terrier. They are fondly called “American Gentleman” since their colors resemble a tuxedo.

  16. It’s hard to imagine the fluffy and adorable Cocker Spaniel being aggressive but they were initially bred to be hunters. They derived their name from a bird called “woodcock”, which the Cocker Spaniels were famously known to hunt for game

  17. Your Schnauzer’s whiskers not only make them look distinguished but there is an interesting reason why they are so pronounced. Back when the breed used to guard livestock, their whiskers protected them from being bitten by threats like rodents.
    A Schnauzer is looking up

  18. The Miniature Pinscher's way of walking is so distinct, it has its own name. The “hackney” is when they walk in high trots, like the way a horse prances.

  19. The comforting presence of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog is no coincidence. They make the best therapy dogs since they were bred for companionship.

  20. The Havanese dog just goes from cute to cuter. As they grow from puppy to adulthood, their color changes too!

It seems that despite their size, these little pooches have managed to leave a huge impact throughout history.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are 5 interesting facts about dogs?

    Here are a few interesting facts about dogs:

    • Like how humans have unique fingerprints, dogs have unique nose prints
    • In higher ranges, a small dog’s hearing is better than that of a big dog
    • Dogs can have a dominant left paw or right paw, but it doesn’t happen with all dogs
    • Smaller dogs usually live longer than bigger dogs
    • A dog’s ear has 18 muscles. This helps them adjust their ears to hear better.
  • What are 2 cool facts about dogs?

    Here are 2 cool facts about dogs:

    • Dogs only sweat through the glands in their paws. These glands also help them mark their territory
    • An adorable way for humans to reduce their blood pressure is by petting dogs.
  • Did you know this funny dog fact?

    Just like humans, dogs feel like yawning if they see another dog yawn or hear a human yawn!

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