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Reasons Your Dog Is Your Best Friend
Reasons Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

Reasons Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

‘Dogs are man’s best friend’, this is a phrase that we often hear.

‘Dogs are man’s best friend’, this is a phrase that we often hear. It’s because for dog lovers and pet parents, their pooch is not just a pet but a family member. Dogs sure can’t communicate with us in words, but they understand everything we try to convey to them! There are a lot of dog quotes that aptly describe our relationship with dogs

But did you know? These four-legged angels are originally descendants of wolves. Yes, these docile beings that love belly rubs are related to a wild animal. Humans have played a big role in domesticating wolves over the last few thousand years, turning them into completely different breeds. Let’s look at how dogs turned into our companions over the years.

How dogs became our friends

Genetic studies suggest that dogs were first domesticated in Asia and Europe. Some scientists believe that wolves stuck around with humans as pups until their relationship bloomed through infancy. 

Once the bond between humans and wolves was established, both parties benefitted from each other. The skills of a human coupled with a wolf’s sense of smell made an ideal hunting duo. Humans soon realised that wolves could be trained and domesticated for specific purposes like farming, hunting, retrieving, herding, and tracking. When exactly did wolves evolve into dogs is still a mystery. However, wolves and dogs provided constant support, assistance, and protection to humans, and this relationship slowly transformed into a reliable companionship! There is more to learn about the history of dog and human relationships.

Dogs are man’s best friends: Origin of the phrase

There are multiple theories on the origin of the phrase – Dog is a man’s best friend. While we do not know which one is true, here are the two most common beliefs:

  • The King of Prussia and his dog

    It is believed that King Frederick of Prussia was the first one to use this phrase in 1789. He had an Italian Greyhound and his relationship with the dog inspired him to call dogs to be a man’s best friend. And to this date, the phrase is commonly used all over the world.

  • George Graham Vest’s eulogy

    Mr. George Graham Vest, a talented lawyer of his time, represented a farmer whose hound named Old Drum was murdered by his neighbor. During the argument, he also delivered a eulogy to the jury stating, “The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog”. With a eulogy, Vest tried to prove the point that the neighbor did not just kill a dog, but a family member.

5 reasons why dogs are man’s best friend

  1. Dogs are loyal

    Generally, dogs start living with their caregivers from a very young age. Hence, they spend their prime learning moments with their pet parents. Dogs start developing a bond with its hoomans from the time when they were just puppies. And dogs never forget the care and affection received from their caregivers. They will always remember their caregivers’ touch, smell, behavior, and sound. For puppies, their caregiver is their world. They love them unconditionally and would go the extra mile for their safety and protection.

  2. Dogs show empathy

    Dogs are always aware of what their caregiver is going through. And as a dog parent, you might have noticed that your furry friend’s mood changes based on how you are feeling. Your pooch will celebrate with you every time you are filled with joy. And if you are feeling low, your dog will cuddle up with you, sit next to you, or touch/lick you to provide comfort. This is how dogs show empathy and win our hearts each time! There are many other signs that your dog loves you!

  3. Dogs help us stay healthy

    According to multiple research study reviews by The University of California, Berkeley; people who have a dog lead a healthier life due to the need for providing their pooch with regular walks and exercise routines. In fact, a strong dog-owner relationship is also said to benefit the pet parent’s overall mental health.

  4. Dogs remember their caregiver’s routine

    Dogs pick up on smells and carefully notice their caregiver’s behavior. Therefore, when you are getting ready, your dog will sit next to the door. In fact, your dog can identify your perfume’s scent, what shoes you are wearing, and more to realise that you are headed somewhere. So, if you are leaving for work, your dog will already know. Similarly, when you get back from work, you will find your pooch sitting next to the door, waiting for you.

  5. Dogs make great companions

    This does not come as a surprise. Dogs are always around their pet parents, wagging their tails and showing love. With a dog in your house, you will always have something to do. You can take your dog on vacation, go on hikes with it, visit the beach, and do so much more. Dogs make great companions and if they are away from you for even a day, their absence is truly felt.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can you tell if your dog likes you as a friend?

    There are many ways to tell if your dog likes you as a friend. It will come and sit next to you, lick your face, bring you presents from their walks, and follow you everywhere!

  • Is it a fact that dogs are man's best friend?

    Dogs are scientifically found to be great companions for humans. In fact, they are loyal, loving, and empathetic towards their caregivers, which makes dogs a man’s best friend.

  • Are dogs the most loyal animal to humans?

    Based on science as well as the emotional experiences of pet parents, dogs have proved to be one of the most loyal animals to humans. Their loyalty is why humans form such a strong bond with them.

  • Does my dog think I'm their friend?

    No, dogs do not think of us as friends. They think of us as their ‘pack members’ or their family members.

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