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All About Travelling with Dogs in Cars for Long Distances
All About Travelling with Dogs in Cars for Long Distances

All About Travelling with Dogs in Cars for Long Distances

Planning a road trip with a dog is one of the most exciting experiences for any pet parent.

While your pooch love being outdoors, traveling with your dog on long journeys if they aren’t trained in advance can be stressful for them. Planning a dog-friendly road trip requires a lot of advance preparations. Your primary focus is to make the dog’s car travel safe, secure, and enjoyable when planning dog-friendly road trips.

Tips for planning a dog’s car travel

You need to make a lot of prior arrangements and bookings if you plan on travelling with dogs in a car for long distances. Your fur baby’s comfort and safety must be your priority on this road trip. Hence, we have curated a few essential points that you should consider before heading out on a road trip adventure with your pooch.

  • Health check-up

    When heading out on dog-friendly road trips, the first thing you need to get done is to do a regular medical screening. The veterinary doctor will vaccinate the pet, recommend a diet plan, and issue a health certificate that will come in handy during the travel.

  • Bookings

    If you are planning a long-distance travel that includes a stay, make sure you go for pet-friendly hotels. It is also recommended to check for pet-friendly restaurants throughout your journey to stop for meals and snacks.

  • Dog accessories

    Arrange for all the necessary dog accessories. Make a separate backpack for your pooch to carry their favourite toys, leash, food and water bowl as well as other daily accessories. You should also carry extra collars and dog tags. Besides, tie a neat collar around its neck with a dog tag that contains important details like your dog’s name and your contact number.

  • First-aid kit and safety precautions

    A car carrier, pet harness, and seatbelt are compulsory when travelling with your fur baby. Dogs tend to peep out of the open car window to experience the wind blowing on their face. While this is a cute sight to witness, it can be dangerous. Hence, you need to constantly monitor your pooch during a long-distance car travel with a dog. Besides, you should also pack a first-aid kit that consists of cotton balls, absorbent gauze pads, ice packs, tweezers, swabs, adhesive taps, and other essential medical products.

  • Food and water

    Carry ample amounts of dry treats, wet food, and water to ensure your fur baby is never empty stomach or dehydrated. You should also carry pet-friendly water bottles that allow your pooch to drink water without having to transfer it to a bowl.

  • Hygiene arrangement

    Pack plastic bags and paper towels to clean up after your pooch has had a bowel movement in public areas like parks and restaurants. You should also carry non-toxic cleaners, disposable gloves, and small dustbin bags when planning a long car trip with your pet.

Things to do when travelling with dogs in a car for long distance

Before heading out on long road trips with your pooch, you need to make them comfortable with the idea of travelling. Consider the following points before you plan a long road journey with your fur baby.

  • Drives and trips

    Take your pet out on frequent drives and small trips to make them familiar with the idea of travelling. Instead of heading out straight for a long road trip, it is recommended to start slow with regular drives and short trips. These drives will not only help you gauge your canine friend’s travel comfort but will also help you plan their potty breaks and sitting arrangements. If it is night time, don't worry about your pooch's vision as dogs can see in the dark.

  • Play music

    Soothing music will keep your pooch entertained during the travel. If your fur baby is not fond of music, then you should try to keep them entertained with other means such as their favourite toys. However, even if you plan on playing music, make sure to keep the volume moderate and play soothing low-tempo songs to avoid scaring the little one.

  • Explore

    Dogs are hyperactive and restless creatures. They tend to get distracted by almost everything. Staying glued to the same seat for hours can get dull and agitating for the fur baby, so you should take constant breaks to enjoy the scenic view and walk around. Plan short stopovers at interesting locations to explore the natural beauty and scenic surroundings. Doing so will keep your pet entertained and interested throughout the trip.

For long distances and international travel, it is better to travel with dogs on planes.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long is too long during a dog's car travel?

    Anything above an hour’s drive is too long for dogs. However, you can plan longer road trips with your pet if you halt for a few minutes every couple of hours for your pooch to relax.

  • Why does my dog shake during car rides?

    Shivers and constant shaking can be a result of anxiety, claustrophobia, or motion sickness. Make sure to get a prescription for motion sickness medicines before travel. Also, avoid using a kennel during travel.

  • What can I give my dog to calm him down while travelling?

    Take frequent breaks, distract them with their favourite toys, offer them treats, and play soothing music to keep your pooch calm during the duration of your journey.

  • Where should a dog sit in the car?

    The back seat is the safest for your fur baby. It is recommended you install a pet carrier seat and seatbelt to provide extra protection and support to your pooch in the moving car.

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